All the times versus time

HI all,
all the times or time???

“quantity” is countable or uncountable???

pls advise.thks

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All the time is correct( in the meaning of “always” and also
“a particular period of time”

Quantity is a noun that can be countable and uncountable in the meaning of large amount of smth.
Ex.We sell these goods in small quantities. We sell a large quantity of cotton.

And uncountable only implying the measurement of something by saying how much of it there is.

thanks for the explaination , Pamela

what abt the “all the times”…i seen the phrase somewhere before…pls advise

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All the times I should have worn a jimmy hat
All the times I said, “What the fuck,
I won"t look back, that"s not for me.”
I wouldn"t listen to reason
Now look at me

An extract from a song. Time is countable here.

In other words, if you say “all the times” you are referring to “all of the instances that something specific happened”. It would most likely be used to refer to the past.


hihi ,
Mind to form twos sentence for me to differentiate these two phrases???pls advise thanks