All the opinion polls

Where can a user find all the polls that have been conducted?
I think it would be a great job if somebody collects all of them (links) in a page.

Hello Torsten,
Nobody knows! I think you can be of some help.

There is no replies whatsoever!

Hi Yasha, I would have to go through the forum and pick them out manually too…[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Personal assistant reminds her boss that memo needs reviewing and signing.[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi, oh, yes…!? I have been looking for an easy way. So, I will do that. Thanks.

All the opinion polls since July 2003:

1-Welcome to our forum
2-How did you find this forum?
3-Who is your favourite moderator/language coach?
4-What do you need?
5-How important are free learning materials to you?
6-How much do you spend online every day?
7-Internet addictive?
8-How do you access the internet?
9-How important is web security to you?
10-Are you an entrepreneur?
12-Which of these websites are you using?
13-Should your education system be changed?
15-How many years does it take you to learn a foreign language?
16-Which email service provider do you prefer?
17-Best Way to Learn English for ESL Individuals
18-How often do you check your email?
19-Please help us choose a topic for our photo contest!
20-What features would you like to see in our Mobile English Language App?
21-What do you make of this song?
22-How many Russian speakers in Germany?
23-How would you react?
24-What is the official language of the USA?
25-Talk about your job
26-Do you own a portable MP3 player?
27-Which language (Canada)
28-Which language? (Ukraine)
29-Have you got a car?
30-What is the difference between SEO and CEO?
31-To learn a new language is to learn a new way of thinking
32-Which language? (R.O.C.)
33-European Parliament election
34-Belief is not everything, there are things more beautiful :slight_smile:
35-Which is the best forum software system?
36-Largest country?
37-Countable vs. Countable nouns…
38-What does it take to be successful?
39-What does ‘asap’ stand for?
40-Babylon Pro vs. Clicktionary?
41-How to make yourself happy
42-What language (Bolivia)?
43-Who dreads the approach of the world cup season?
44-Which version of spoken English do you prefer?
45-Do you believe in coincidences?
46-Which is the largest country?
47-What time do you get up on Sundays?
48-What are homophones?
49-Do you like football (soccer)?
50-What would you do with an old but working computer?
51-Irish English vs. New Zealand English
52-Where I can download cheap music
53-Please listen to this song and give us your feedback (rap)
54-Bailing out the US auto industry?
55-Which language? (Brazil)
56-Which language? (Mexico)
57-Where is your cycle? Voting is on…hurry up :slight_smile:

The polls are just for the bellow-mentioned forum:
What do you want to talk about?