all/each/every one

[color=red]1) That might happen to all of us.
[color=indigo]2) That might happen to each of us.
[color=blue]3) That might happen to every one of us.

Do these mean
a) That (whatever that is) might happen to all of us together.
b) That might happen to any of us

I suppose ‘1’ means ‘a’ and ‘2’ and ‘3’ mean ‘b’, but I am not too sure about ‘3’.


Relying on, I’d say 1) could refer to the total number of people considered as a group.
Eg our whole team\band\crew could fall prey to flu as a result of making contact with the virus --through some specific conditions we live\travel in as a group.
My take on it, 1) would sound appropriate as a precaution (to exclude the chain reaction).

  1. would consider all members of a (small) group individually, thought of one by one. To me, it sounds appropriate when dealing with what’s already happened (he’s fallen ill, that might happen to each of us dismissing personal hygiene).

In 3), ‘every one’ can be substituted with ‘each one’, and in fact sounds the same as 2).