All about poets?

Hi Alan,

Many thanks for writing All about Poets – I’m really looking forward to sending it out. I’ve been thinking about some adding some information to the newsletter. For example, I’d like to include a “Test of Month” section where we introduce one of our tests since I’m sure there are a huge number of readers who are not aware these tests. Then there could be a “forum thread of the month” and an introduction of our latest products.

More on that soon,

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Dear Alan,

Thank you for your interesting essays. It’s very helpful to me. I Study International Literature and right now I am at the same period “Romantism”.
Thank You again for your help.

Looking forward to your next essay.

Tea Mgebrishvili

Dear Alan,
Many great thanks for your wonderful essays. They are very interesting and very helpful. I am so happy to be a member in your English society. Waiting for your next essay.
Best Regards