They came in their thousands.

They attacked every country in the world at the same moment.

The world was totally unprepared for their assault.

They had the technology to evade our most sophisticated radar detection systems, and were able to make themselves invisible to our protective aircraft and missiles.

Nary a shot was fired in our own defence, and within hours the entire world lay down its arms and surrendered.

Senior members of world governments gathered together at a meeting called by the alien forces commander.
His message was brief.

“Stop what you are doing to each other. We are watching you”.

He then left the meeting and the alien force disappeared, never to be heard from again?


Nice story :slight_smile:
I’d say that we don’t need aliens to reflect on the present world situation, but I really enjoyed Kitos’ story. It really helped me to think about some important things.

If you want, please read the story I’ve just written.

Someday we’ll be out of the natural resources. Someday the forgotten countries, countries which have always been in a poor situation will rise up.

Their goverments will combine forces- they will not have a choice, if there is no equality in the world today it will not last forever when some countries ‘eat too much’ wheras some countries live below the breadline. The poor people will go against the elite of exploiters.

The military and economic powers will end. They’ll still be living in the past so that they won’t notice new powerful countries in their neighbourhood.

There will be no logical decisions anymore. Hate, greed and evil will triumph. Peace will come to an end.
If not in post-nuclear world, we will end up as people who forgot about their values. We don’t have to care, we’ll not be able to call ourselves people anymore.

The sitution will change. What make us think that we’re better than anyone else?
Is that the financial situation? Is that we can eat 4 or more meals everyday and have fun while some people make for our living?

What makes us think that we are better than a mugger who tries to survive? If we created a society in which he or she cannot find a job or make for his own living should we punish the criminal or the system we live in. Of course, someone will disagree, criminals are born or choose their own way- I do not voice my opinion.

Tom has a nice car. It’s mercedes, S-class. Quite expensive and with the best standard and 5* safety tests passed. He has a wife and adorable kids. Well, he needs nothing more.
[i]Walking down the street, he notices a beggar. 'Poor fellow. He should’ve studied or got a job. He should change his life. A penny? Forget, looser ! I worked hard and cannot give you anything. Get away !

He comes back home. Everything he needs is there. A loving wife and kids. The fridge filled with food and drinks cabinet with the best whiskey and wines. ‘What shall I change? Some time for kids- nonsense.’

I give them everything they want. Money, toys; except love. John, his son dies in a car accident just after having got his driving license. Even the air bags or ABS system does not help when the Mercedes S-class crashes on the highway.

We don’t make the decisions. Let’s turn the page, please.

[i]Tom was brought up in a broken home. He is blind but loved by his grandparents who decided to take care of him and save him from his parents who have never loved him. They’ve loved the booze far much longer. A handicapped children? What will other people say?!

Tom doesn’t have a mercedes S-class now, but he has some values and notices the important things in his life. He sees more now, more than the eyes can see.[/i][/i]

Do we always make the right decisions? There is no reason that makes us think some of us may be perfect. There is no reason to have a negative attitude towards life, but we shoud always think what we actually do. It takes few minutes to reflect and change the things.

Thanks for reading. Maybe the text was not so smooth, but it was written while I was carried away by emotions… Sorry for the mistakes as well.


Nice story Mich. I agree with your sentiments, but there again, I would, for I too am poor.


How do we call those people who use to write stories in English? Kitos is one of them. He writes very well and also has a huge imaginatios. Mike, your prediction for the future times are interesting. If we don’t change our mind and our behaviour today we can expect unpleasant situations from the future. Countries like China, Iran, North Korea are spending big amounts of money creating new kinds of weapons. So it shows us that the world we live, if we don’ act-quickly to cange it, it will be shaped by bad happens.