'Alan's short stories'


To whom it may concern :smiley:

I just read Alan’s story Three letters for you?, and by the end of it, I sure had gained a couple of new and beautiful idioms and phrases. :smiley: Thanks Alan!

I was just wondering if those idioms and phrases could be made bold, [color=red]coloured or [size=167]enlarged[/size]! The effect would certainly be different. Those idioms and phrases would serve the purpose in a better way. If you want me to do it, most welcome!


Hi Tom, it’s good to hear you like Alan’s newsletter. As you know we send it out via email every month to more than 10,000 subscribers from all over the world and we decided to use plain text rather than HTML. Also, a lot of our subscribers print off the newsletter and use the essays as teaching materials in their classrooms so it’s probably best if we stick to the current format. Plain text is the safest way to keep the format.


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