Agree or disagree?It is often not a good thing to move to a new city or new count

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Agree or disagree?It is often not a good thing to move to a new city or new country because of the lose of old friends?

Whether it is a good thing to move to a new city or new country is a complex and controversial issue.Many people assert that because of losing old friends it is often not a good thing.If you ask me,however,I support that moving to a new city or new country is a good thing despite losing old friends.The rest of this essay will illustrate my statement.

Moving to a new place can provide people with more opportunities such as job opportunities.According to a recent survey in China Daily,an increasing number of people move to southern China like Guangzhou,Shenzhen to find jobs.The majority of them are able to obtain better jobs and more competitive salaries in these new cities,whereas part of them were even out of work when they lived in former cites which have small job markets that can not meet job applicants’need.Under this circumstance,moving to a new place gives people a good chance to pursue one’s further development.

What is more,people can see new sceneries and make new friends in a new place. Some people who live only in one city,one country from birth to death may see the same sceneries and communicate with the same people every day,every month and every year. On the contrary,other people who move to a new place can observe different landscape such as Effiel Tower,Statue of Liberty,or Leaning Tower of Pisa,and make friends with multinational people such as French,American,Italian.Even few of them marry with people they fall in love with at first sight in the new place.It is the truth that part of my friends choose the latter life style moving to a new place,and they feel their life more meaningful than ever before due to the special experience and special people in the new place.

Furthermore,it is conductive to healing people’s soul to move to a new place.You can imagine that if one sufferred serious disasters such as a earthquake,a war,or losing one’s family members in a city, one can not calm down when he or she still live in the same city.It is necessary for him or her to move to a new place in order to forget sorrow and keep peace in his or her soul.Brand new city or new country means brand new life.It is more likely that one’s old memories can be substituted by the new memories.In turn,one can acquire the spirit of peace in the new place.

In the final analysis,I point out that moving to a new place does not necessarily mean missing old friends.In modern society internet is well developed,so it is convenient for people to talk with friends by means like e-mail,msn,or skype.People can still keep touch with old friends all the time.However, some people may argue that at any rate,part of people indeed lose their old friends so moving to a new place is not a good thing for them.For my part,all the reasons above demonstrate that advantages of moving to a new place overweigh its disadvantages such as losing old friends.

From what has been discussed above,one can safely draw the conclusion that moving to a new city or new country is a good thing for people.

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