Agree or Disagree: Cars have more influence on human life than planes

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With invention of air plane, world has become smaller. People can travel different country in no more than one day with a plane. However, I strongly believe cars have more influence on human life than planes because car is cheaper, people drive car everyday life, and car is more comfortable.

To begin with, driving car is relatively less expensive than taking planes. That is because every transportation needs oil to moves, and the oil is what people pay when they use the transportation. The amount of oil which is put into a plane is thousands times more than oil put into a car. Thus, cost of taking a plane is more expensive than driving a car. According to news report conducted by Korea Times, ninety percents of people answered that they would drive car instead of taking air plane if it is possible when they go to long-distance place because driving a car is less burdensome financially than taking a plane.

In addition, cars have more influence on human life than planes because people drive car everyday life. Car has become most important means of transportation in every country and it is not difficult to see each family has at least one car. When people go shopping, meet their friends or go hospital, car is the best and most convenient transportation for them because regardless of time and place, they can drive their car. On the other hand, people do not use air plane every day unless they go to overseas countries. And there is certain schedule that people cannot change but to just follow.

Finally, As far as comfort is concerned, driving car has more influence than planes. That is because when people feel awkward while they are driving they can move their seat forward or backward to make them comfortable, and when they are tired sitting in a car, they can stop at resting place to get some fresh air and stretch their body. But while they are in a plane they should sit and fasten their seat belts, and should not move unless they go to toilet for the safety. For instance, one time when I went to my parents’ house I took plane because it was pretty far from my home. While I was on the plane, I had pain in my back and knee and I wanted to stand up and stretch to relax my body which I couldn’t. However, when I drove my car to my parents’, I could stop whenever I felt uncomfortable or tired and get some fresh air and relax my body, and driving car was much comfortable than taking plane.

To sum up, because driving car is less expensive, and people use car everyday and driving car is more comfortable, car has more influence on people life than planes.

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