(Agree or disagree) Businessmen must put more money in advertising

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(Agree or disagree? ) In order for a business to succeed, it must put more money in advertising.

Nowadays, inundated advertisements can be seen everywhere on TV, magazines, newspapers and of course, the internet. Regardless of the quality and authenticity of them, advertising seems to be a prerequisite of a successful product or service. However, the true value of what is going to be sold is also very crucial, especially if businessmen want to gain a long-lasting and stable reputation. In my opinion, I disagree with the statement that a successful business requires lots of money.
To begin with, we can first ask ourselves what motivates us to spend on certain things. Advertising is a powerful tool. When an ad is made delicately and attractively, we definitely want to buy the product it promotes in the first place. However, the reason why we are willing to spend lies on the credibility of the ad. If the ad tells the true value of its product just by appropriately complimenting it or using specific words to elaborate how customers can use it, we will be more than happy because what we saw before matches our expectation. However, If the ad flatters and is filled with flamboyant descriptions, we will absolutely feel unpleasant after we spend and discover the truth.
Another point is that although businessmen can invest a lot on their product, they can also use the money to hire better employees who make products of higher quality. This alternative might not seem very powerful at the beginning when compared with advertising, but when customers start to realize the improvement of the product, the company will become very competitive. For instance, “HTC”, the smartphone company in Taiwan, spent most of their stock to recruit the best employees and did not spend lots of money on advertising at the period it had just been founded. Therefore, many people in Taiwan did not even know its existence. Nevertheless, people who had bought the phones manufactured by HTC mostly praised the design and the usefulness of them. Afterward, those words began to spread, and HTC began to gain its fame. As a result, new series of their phones were selling better and better.
To summarize, advertising is not always the most dependable way to make a successful business. Both improving the product and hiring better staff can reach the same goal, and sometimes, they are proven to be even more powerful.

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Hi Peter, I really liked this essay. Your thesis sentence seemed to have that important phrase missing, but besides that, your writing was very good with only a few minor errors and some phrases you could improve. I liked your vivid details, but I think it is important to make sure each topic sentence clearly addresses the prompt and your thesis statement. Still, overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

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Hi Peter, I am sorry to hear that. In a way it was good that you got a topic you had already thought about, but if it is true they might accuse you of plagiarism, that would not seem fair. I wonder if their internet searcher would find such a recent essay in time to compare it against your test essay. If they do raise an alert, is there any way to appeal their decision?

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