Agree/Disagree, Education can prevent people from junk food.

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Scientists have reported that junk foods are detrimental to health. Some people believe that education is the answer to this problem, but others disagree. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Junk food can jeopardize our health and most people are aware of this. For confronting with such phenomenon educate people can be useful but it’s not the only way. It has its own disadvantages. We have to prepare some ways in more general scale. We have to do something to decrease their production.

Education can be useful for informing people of the effects that junk food has on our health. But education range is somehow limited. It’s available for constricted number of people and with limited ages. We cannot make a class which a child and an old man sit in the same class. On the other hand it costs too much to consist a class for each group of people divided by age or some other criteria. Beside these, maybe some people don’t have time to take part in classes. So we need some more general ways to do this.

First of all, TV is a most general media. All people from all ages and all geographical position can have access to it. Children as well elders watch its programs, and there is no problem for them to watch beside. Such food producers shouldn’t have certificate to have commercial in TV. If they hadn’t commercial on TV, majority of such food buyers which in mostly consist of young children will not be encouraged to buy. In this way children will forget such foods and lose their tendency toward them. In movies such foods must not be used with artists. Using anything in movies, is somehow a confirm to that work. So if an artist used junk food during movie, people will thought about that food as useful one, and they will go toward that. TV programs with training purpose, can inform people. They can talk about junk foods disadvantages and what they can cause to our health. This is a cheap way to train people.

Government can also use its power against such things. Junk foods also have some expenditure on governments. They have to pay to ministry of health for providing people health care. Beside sick people can’t do anything useful for society. This also cost for government. For evading from such expenditures government should make some laws to restrict junk food uses in society. They can make taxes higher for such food producers, which lead to higher price for these foods. As a result people will buy some cheaper and healthier foods. Governments can use this trick on other way, with bringing healthier food taxes lower. This will lead to cheaper foods.

Of course education is necessary for most of our life skills, but in this case it cannot be so much helpful. There is some other ways to confront junk foods which cost less and have better results. Medias and in front of them TV can do great task. Government with an easy job can reach great results.

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