AGM seminar (How to organize an Annual General Meeting?)

OK, how would you conduct a seminar on annual meetings? Let’s say there is a company whose employees want to know how to organize, run and document an AGM – how would you go about it?
Below you’ll find my ideas and it would be great if you could give me some feedback on them:

  • introduction: I’ll outline the purpose and goals of the seminar)
  • brainstorming: we will create and use a list with keywords that describe the stages, functions, processes, key players, and documentation of an AGM
  • agenda: once we have collected initial ideas and vocabulary, we will structure them and create an agenda which could look as follows:
  • assigning tasks to individuals or small teams
  • teams or individuals create invitations, book venues and locations, organize equipment, write agendas, draw up actions plans etc.
  • giving feedback and assessement
  • creating glossary with frequently used terms and expressions

Each team will get sample documents (invitations, agendas, resolutions, corporate ranks and titles, etc) which they can use to create their own versions. Then they have to give a presentation and discuss their proposals. I can envision how the training should work but it’s quite a complex process so any input from you will greatly appreciated.


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Hi Torsten,

You might like to look at this. It’s bursting with expressions that you could use. It’s taken from an item on the Nationwide Building Society one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the UK - incidentally I paid them dosh for 20 years bless them!

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