after you cooked the porridge ....

Suppose that I am a mother and talking to my girl on the phone telling her what to do at home.

  1. After you cooked the porridge when you want to have it, pour it into a bowl and then eat it.
  2. After cooking the porridge, take it to a bowl and then eat it.

I have some problems with the word orders. Would you please help me on them?
They are self made. Are they correct? What’s the correct way to say it?

Thank you

The big problem with those is that it sounds as if you are giving instructions to some sort of robotic device which requires you to outline every step of the process in detail.

To correct your sentences as close as possible to the original:
After you have cooked the porridge, let it cool awhile then when you are ready for it pour it into a bowl and eat it.
After cooking the porridge, place/pour/put it into a bowl and then eat it.
However, those steps should be completely unnecessary and no one would give instructions like that.

To outline those steps simply, you could say:
Cook the porridge, serve it and eat it.

However, that is still more instruction than would be required on average. If the girl is old enough to deal with cooking porridge, then she certainly shouldn’t need to be told to put it into a bowl and eat it!
“If you are hungry, make some porridge.” should be enough.

Many thanks.