After having subjected the patient to an

After having subjected the patient to an aggressive course of treatment that in [color=red]itself could be (i), the doctor was thankful that the disease had gone into (ii) . He was able to tell the patient that symptoms might (iii)____ for many years.

Blank (i)
A. refulgent
B. life-enhancing
C. life-threatening
Blank (ii)
D. remission
E. quarantine
F. sequestration
Blank (iii)
G. not recur
H. persist
I. malinger

  1. What is the subject of “could be”?
  2. What is “itself”? Is it “treatment”?

(i)= Life-threatening.

(ii)= remission.

(iii)= persist.

  1. To me ‘the could be’ indicate how possible the TREATMENT will continue to worry the patient.

  2. To me the ITSELF refers to the TREATMENT.

Thanks to you.

I think (iii) is more likely to be “not recur”.