Afraid of water

Hi Kitos,

Please check my text.
(I have browsed this forum a little and this does not seem like the usual type of essay that you get for editing. Therefore, I am not sure if I am allowed to post this here, since it’s not exactly an essay. I count on you to tell me off if I shouldn’t have. :-))

The other day I went to the beach.
This beach that my husband and I usually go to, is still quite wild and uncared for and has not been fitted up for the public’s usage. It is covered with dead shells that, if stepped on, one can easily cut themself into. Also, a type of sea star, called brittle stars, come up through the sand just about everywhere. As far as I know, this type of star does not sting and thus, cannot cause painful burns, but I would rather not touch them anyway. That was why I was wearing my diving boots.

Since I am in fact afraid of water, I do not dive, so we just went snorkelling.
As you may know, Red Sea is home to many of the greatest dive sites in the world, but snorkelling can offer great sights as well. Just by snorkelling I have been able to see many kinds of beautifully coloured fish, fish of all shapes and sizes. Some of the most interesting among those was the lion fish, the frog fish, a couple of sea horses and octopuses, several eel rays and spotted rays and even a sea turtle. No sharks, though – but that is definitely something I can do without.

I only go snorkelling with my husband, who is not only a divemaster but also a very good diver (or so I’ve heard) and thus, I trust. Besides, I truly believe that he would not let go of me no matter what.

Sometimes, I manage to overcome my fear of water and enjoy the snorkelling.
Other times, I breathe very heavily the whole time that I am in the water and you could see my husband’s fingers turn purple – that is how hard I clutch his hand.
A couple of times I have even let go of my husband’s hand and would not get out of the water. My husband kept complaining about being cold and I could see that he had started to turn blue with it. It wasn’t till his teeth started chattering that I let myself persuaded to get out of the water.

However, instead of getting more and more confident every time I go in the water, for me, every single time it is like starting all over again.

At the end of my day at the beach, I noticed I had visible tan lines right where my diving boots ended. Needless to say that I now look silly wearing a skirt or shorts.
Well, the weather here is so hot and sticky, that there’s no way I am swapping those for long pants!

Many thanks

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That was delightful Cristina. There is no objection to free-style writing. However you can get the practice … that’s the way to go. Thank you for an interesting insight into your aquatic world. I personally prefer swimming pools. I’ve seen too many strange things in the sea, and I can tell you this … we don’t belong there!

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Thank you, Kitos

I take it that there are no significant mistakes in my text, then?
Per example, I was not at all sure about the ‘‘tan lines’’ part. (the last paragraph; or is that the penultimate one? :-))

Could you also let me know whether my sentences sound stilted from a native speaker’s point of view?

By the way, it is not exactly my aquatic world – both me and my husband live and work in a foreign country.

Thanks again

Your sentences are perfectly couched for an English conversation. Congratulations.