affect or has an effect

Hi All,

I usually use the sentence This doesn’t affect you

but I don’t know whether I could use following instead: This doesn’t has an effect on you

I heard that if I talk about a person I’d use affect and if it is about a thing I should use has an effect.

Is that right?


This should be: This doesn’t have an effect on you.

There are two verbs: affect and effect. Affect is mainly a verb but effect can be used both as a noun and a verb for both people and things.

They would be used as:

She was greatly affected by the weather. Rain had a bad effect on her and made her miserable.

Effect as a verb means put into practice and is used as a formal construction:

This medication has effected a remarkable cure.



Isn’t “affect” also occasionally used as a noun as part of (for instance) a description of psychological symptoms?

–> Mike exhibits a moribund affect when faced with difficult choices.

Is that right?


Yes, I’m sure you’re right but I didn’t want to get too technical.