Advertisements contain more manipulationthan information.Do you agree or disagre

Advertisements contain more manipulation than information.Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In today’s world, there are many companies which aim to sell more and more products to their consumers.To achieve this, they often use advertisements thanks to techinal developments.Some people think that advertisements contain more manipulation than information.I agree with this statement because of some reasons.

To begin with ignoring and not informing the negative side of the product, it is known that people do not want to spend their money to a not well-qualified product.Because of this, many companies hide the negative side of the product from consumers instead of telling all of the side of the products.For instance, after one buy a machine that he saw in a advertisement, he can regret of this.In such situation, this person can lose not only his money but also their trust to advertisements.

When it comes to manipulative language used, it is a fact that companies often prefer talkative people to commercialize their products.The reason for this is that these kind of people convince consumers about buying products, easily.For example,when one do not want to buy anything see a advertisement in tv, he can intend to buy it thanks to a convincing advertiser.Briefly, no mather one product is bad or good, there is always someone to sell it.

It can be argued that not all advertisements are aimed to sell.However, that is can be true but most of advertisements are aimed to sell.If we consider about all advertisements, there is a little advertisements which are not aimed to sell.

In coclusion, ignoring and not informing the negative side of the advertisements, and manipulative language used are the causes why advertisements contain more manipulation than information.I think that people should be careful about advertisements and not buy anything only by seeing it from advertisements.

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