Adverb 'quite' and meaning of 'to be on about'


1.- What does ‘quite’ mean in this sentence?

“I didn?t quite grasp it the first time”

Does it mean ‘I grasped something but
not everything’?
2.- You look a little confused. Do you know

Can you tell me the meaning of the
capitalized part?
Could it be “What I am talking about”,
“What I am saying”…?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Jesus,

It means “I almost grasped it, but didn’t”. It doesn’t mean you got some of it, though you might have.

You are correct about “on about”!!

I don’t understand that idiom. It must be some kind of British slang.

Hi Jamie,

I think it’s just an expression rather than slang:

What are you on about?

TOEIC listening, photographs: Girls around a laptop[YSaerTTEW443543]

There are many UK expressions that are not understood internationally, and are therefore British slang, but some people think they are not slang just because they’re British. I think that expression falls into that category.

I agree with Jamie. “Be on about” is an expression that I wouldn’t expect anybody in the US to be able to define. I also think of expressions such as that as “British slang”.