Adverb order

Hi! How are you feeling?
Thanks in advance!

1.- It JUST takes a minute!
2.- It takes JUST a minute!
3.- It ONLY takes a minute!
4.- It takes ONLY a minute!

I?ve read much about where the adverbs ‘must’
be placed and I am afraid I still don?t
know how to use them.
Can I place those adverbs above in any
of those positions? I have listened all of those
What a mess!

Thanks again!

All OK. Not a mess; it is freedom. Many adverbs can squat in various places in a sentence. Enjoy!

I’ll have to remember that one, Mr. M.
I like the mental picture of “squatting adverbs”. :lol:

Dear Mr. Micawber

Could we write enjoy alone like this?


It’s so nice to see you smile for a change, M.M. :slight_smile: !

Yes, Tom. You can use this informal expression when offering someone something, for example:

Here’s your meal. Enjoy!