advantages and disadvantages of hosting a major sports competition

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Some people believe that it is good for a country to host a major sports competition.Other thinks it causes many problems for the country.
Discuss both view and give your own opinion

Many people are of the opinion that hosting a major sports competion is completely good for a country. Some may argue that it induces a lot of problems for the country. In this essay, it will be shown that the advantages of hosting a sports competion outweigh its disadvantages.

Those in favour of the former statement hold the view that it is good for several reasons. Firstly, the new beautiful facilities are built such as stadium, infrastructure. It would raise the host nation’s international profile. In other words, it helps the country become well-known. Secondly, the country host the competion which would raise awareness of sports and fitness. Futhermore, it would make a easier access for the host nation’s population. Last but not least, it contributes to the host nation’s economy. The country will benefit income from tourism and an increasingly number of job generation. For example, many new shops will be opened to sell traditional products for tourists.

However, there is some debate that hosting a major sports competion causes many problems. First of all, it places the country in security risks. For instance, there is an increasingly number of terrorism. Apart from its security risks, the host nation will have to expend a huge amount of money for the competition. Therefore, a lot of vital social schemes would not get invested in.

To sum up, it is extremely good for a country to host a major sports competition.

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