Adjectives or Adverbs?


Please see below:

1- Think positive.
2- Think positively.

1- Run slow.
2- Run slowly.

1- He went away quick.
2- He went away quickly.

1- She held me close.
2- She held me closely

1- Listen close.
2- Listen closely

Do all of them carry the same meaning without any difference? Are there some other examples of this sort?


All of the #1s sound like casual spoken versions of the #2s to me. Run slow(ly) is an oxymoron.

I suppose you will find native speakers who use the #1 version with many adjectives:

Yew dans beautiful.

I would not recommend the habit, however.

Hello! Out of the topic!

What do you mean by ‘dans’, Mr Micawber?

Does it mean ‘to dance’?

Thanks a lot!

Dans = dance was my intention, Jesus.