Adjective+(in, of, to)! that's made me confused

Hi guys ,

I have been studying English Grammar since May …

How can I know what should I put after the adjective ?

Ex :
He is afraid of animals .
They are interested in computer .
She is sick of men .

is there a general rule ?

thank you …

Memorization will be your best tool. Sometimes logic shines; sometimes it doesn’t.

I am angry about your comment.
I am happy about your success.

“About” satisfies the traditional meaning “in relation to.” This is very logical.

Note that the same adjectives often accompany different prepositions, which depends on intent.

I am angry with Alex. (Not terribly logical since “with” would seemingly suggest they were angry together.)
I am happy in love. (Quite logical since we are normally “in” conditions.)

Sometimes prepositions can be swapped without changing the meaning.

I am angry with/at Alex.
I am upset with/at him.
I am bored of/with this choreography.
I am enamored of/with the young lady.