Adjective: 'I am very pragmatic person' vs 'I am very pragmatic'

Hi ,

I have a doubt. I am writing one sentence below this line.

" I am very pragmatic person"

" I am very pragmatic"

Which one is correct ?

Could you please explain me for the above question?


These are correct:

I am a very pragmatic person.
I am very pragmatic

The first needs the article because there is a noun.

Hi Pavan

The first one with a little “a” would work, as you need to “articlize” your noun;

I am a very pragmatic person.

Then both would be correct usages.

The first one referring to you as a person, and the second just describing yourself with a simple adjective.

I would tend to use the latter (last one), but it is just style.8)

cheers stew.t.

Hi Pavan,

Well it seems Mister M is pragmatic and quicker to the draw