adapt vs accommodate

The light suddenly went out and I couldn’t see anything, but little by little my eyes … to the darkness.

(a) adapted
(b) fitted
© accommodated
(d) matched
Please explain for me this answer?

Thank you.

Hi Giappv

Have a look at the explanation that accompanies this test as well as some of the other explanations in the synonyms tests: … commodated … html#58081

Here is a dictionary definition for ‘adapt’:

In other words, when a person’s eyes adapt to a lack of light, the eyes gradually change. This would generally mean that the pupils dilate (become larger): … -pupil.jpg … hl=en&sa=2

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your answer.
I looked at the links you send me, the dictionary is really useful.
I think “adapt” means the change happens naturally and “accommodate” means the change need an action from people?
Is that right?