AD - DAy's off


If the one works at a company and he used to show up during the public holidays. there, the labor law gives him the right to get a day’s off later on.

1- What do we call these replaced days in the standard english?
Is there any common term for it?

2- And when can the one use “AD” as a short of alternate days…
in comparing with what am I asking about ?

  1. He would be given a day in lieu (of the public holiday). I can’t think of a more specific name for it.

  2. I’ve never heard the term used.

Thank you Beee,

Then it’s a [color=red]day in lieu. Yes that what I was looking for.
I’ve googled and found also “time off lieu” & “in lieu days”.

Concerning “AD”, I’ve read it on this url;