Acquaintance: My name is Valentyna. I'm from Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk city...

Hello everyone! First of all, Id like to say big thanks for such a good site. My name is Valentyna. Im from Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk city). But I live in England with my husband. Ive been here since January 2008. So Im new in England also.
I`ve leant english in UA and still keep going to do it in UK.
But one difference is I learned american language more then english language. so now I have some problem with english pronouncing.
So now I do all my best to do less mistake in language.
with best regard

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Hello, Valentyna, and welcome to

There is absolutely nothing wrong with American pronunciation, and any Englishman who tells you so is bigoted.

Hi Mister Micawber!
I didnt mean, that something wrong with american pronunciation, Ive noteced that it`s difference in pronounciation when I am listening how they talk to each other, or by tv. they are never offend me or laught at my pronounciation, people here are quite patiant and understand me and they tell me how they would say it. But when I am watching tv or move, I am lost.
with regards

Hello Valentyna,

Welcome to our forum and many thanks for your question. The good thing about English is that there are so many accents and after while you get used to any of them. By the way, if you like you can also record your own voice here on the forum.

Let me know what you think.
Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten!
Lots of thanks for your lessons. From your last lesson 32 that you sent to me, I see how right you are about passive and active skills.
Even I am here where all people speak in their mother tongue, and I can read and listen them almost whole day, but I dont talk and write a lot, cause my husband is at work whole day, and Im doing my job at the computer whole day as well. (Im drawing plans in programme). What do I think about record own voice on the forum? I think its great idea too started to have more confidence to try to spell everything that is written by me.
with lots of regars and respect

Hi again!
Ive just tryed to record my message but it wasnt successfully.
Maybe Im doing something wrong. But I pressed button ''record'' and no response. its a bit shame. I`ll try again.

Hello Valentyna,

Thanks a lot for trying to record a voice message. All you need is download Java. For more information, please click on this link: How record voice messages?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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[i]Hey Valentyna,

Just to welcome you oj english-test and tel you that your English is not bad even if you learnt American language, it is English. And though i be confronted with the same matter in fact (lol). American and British are considered as being English language but both sides are not similar in vocabulary and Grammar also. And at the university, or teacher of english Grammar spent much time with teaching English in the U.S.A. and it also means our p^ronunciation cannot be the same.

With the Messiah’s LOVE, [/i]

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Hi Born4Jesus, thank you for your letter and that telling me your experience.
many thanks

Hello Valentyna, how are you doing?

Very long time we talked so i am writing to know how you did progress with learning English language.

We can also talk via our inboxes if you agree.