One student wants to go to study abroad and first needs to ask if they (college or university) can give her accommodation. (a flat or a room in a hall of residence). How to ask it in a letter? How to write it better?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Inga,

Maybe you could post your letter on this thread, and then I or someone else will make suggestions?

:smiley: Hi,
I don’t have the letter - it’s my student’s question. We don’t know the correct phrases in such situations.

Could you please tell me if I could acquire a room or flat/apartment in the halls of residence or in similar student accomodation on campus?

Thank you, I have (at least) one version. :slight_smile:

Would accomodation be available in (the) halls of residence to first-year students?

In the US, we refer to “on-campus housing.”