Abt the importance of GPA

:?: culd any1 tel me how imp is the GPA in evaluating a student by the university. i am an engineer of 2005 (ECE) . i am giving my exam on jan 5 . i am confident abt the scores of my GRE and TOEFL (ive got 283) but im worried abt the GPA as i have only around 65% of all the 8 sems.
and anybody who can helpout in the writing of SOP is appreciated.

SOP Quick points :

  1. Structure it ! - Plan to have 4 Paragraphs atleast
  • Introduction with a smart first line
  • How you got interested into the subject
  • academic years so far in the context of ur subject
  • how work experiences shaped ur interests further
  • why that University ( cite their research, profs and courses to show u r really keen)
  • Conclude
  1. Keep it 1.5 pages long - unless they impose other restrictions in their application form

  2. no spelling mistakes

  3. include atleast one anecdote or a story…

  4. Make 2-3 people read it and improve it …

These are just basic pointers…others should be able to give more

my gre is on the fifth of jan . i am expecting a score in the range of around 1300±20.any idea wht colleges can b applied to for e&ce or somp sciences M.S.?? and there are a few colleges tht ask for the financial statements to b provided ; how do we go abt it when they ask for 15lacs+ ??

with a % aggre of 65% in my B.E do i stand a good chance for the admissions?

About the financial Issue - a friendly bank manager with whom you or parents do banking can give you a statement based on an official property evaluation statement from a lawyer that appraised ur family property - including bank savings, shares, provident fund , gold and other stuff

Are you from India ? Heard about Dilip Oak in pune ? He helps his GRE students with that one…do check that option out.

About aaps - always good to apply to 5 good Univs and 10 other medium Univs - I dont know the specifics of your fields - but a GRE consultant or opinions from your seniors should help a lot !