Absolutely-can’t-change-it: Do you know the longest?


Assume that your product had a locked-down, final, absolutely-can’t-change-it product spec.

Actually I don’t know, whether it is just ‘the last word in fashion’, but I quite often meet long ‘hyphened compounds’.
The longest I know consists of 4 (4.5 :slight_smile: ) words, like that from the thread name.

Can you give an example of the longer one?
Do you have a problem when pronounce them? (Some really require you to have the good breathe :))

These formations are an old technique, and usually created by the writer on an ad hoc basis; they are seldom found in a dictionary. Feel free to create one yourself, for as long as your breath lasts.

She was a once-in-a-lifetime-and-never-on-Sunday, stand-up-and-holler, all-round-Bible-thumping raise-the-dead preacher from you-know-where-and-you-know-how-come.

…whatever that means…

That’s quite a read-with-mouth-agape-whilst-trying-to-reserve-some-breath explanation, MM. :lol:

Just an expressive technique…
Thank you, Mister Micawber.

Sometimes I do it in Russian.
Hope, my English-speaking breath lasts (‘last breath’, sorry for the clumsy pun…) not much briefer than my native one. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amy, I’ll try it. :slight_smile: