Above-mentioned vs. Above-named


  1. Could you say, how strict is the use of the adjective above-named in English?
    Is it an exact equivalent of above-mentioned or actually the name has to be used ‘above’ to refer to smth / smb.?

…BNC gives ‘the above-named date’, but I’m still having my doubts…

  1. Are there any abbreviations for these words (‘above-mentioned’, ‘above-named’)?

  2. Which word/form do/would you prefer to use:
    'the above-mentioned ’ or ‘the mentioned above’? Or it depends?

Hi Tamara

I never use above-named. It sounds like legalese to me.

I’ve never abbreviated above-mentioned but I’ve seen non-native speakers try to do it with the result that a native speaker understands “morning” instead. :lol:

I personally prefer the non-hyphenated version (“mentioned above”), but I use both.


Thanks a lot, Amy. Clear.