above / below

1a. Please read the above(adj) information and send your comments.
1b. Please read the below(adj) information and send your comments.
2a. Read the information above(prep) the dotted line.
2b. Read the information below(prep) the dotted line.
3a. Read the information above(adv).
3b. Read the information below(adv).
Please correct the above.

Although I am sure above and below are listed as adjectives in some dictionaries, using them as adjectives sounds unnatural to me, especially in the case of below, so personally, I would steer away from sentences 1a and 1b. Here is an extended discussion about the topic. english.stackexchange.com/questi … tion-below

The other sentences are fine.

“Could you tell if the sentence below is correct?”
Is the question OK?
Is the word ‘below’ used as adverb or preposition?
Please comment.

Could you tell me if the sentence below (prep.) is correct? (Below - at a lower level than the sentence/paragraph/section currently being read.)

How about ‘above-written’ and ‘below-written’?

Why labour a sentence by using longer phrases?