about throw-away society

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Topic: We are now living in a throw-away society. What are the causes and what problems it may cause?

Various changes have happened around us and even influenced our lifestyles. Some people believe we have entered a throw-away society, which produce more rubbish than before. Thus, some measures should be taken to solve this problem. I will analysis this phenomenon in this essay.

The reasons for the appearance of this kind of society involve below recognitions. First of all, an increasing number of packing bags have been produced and utilized by companies. Businessmen tend to decorate their merchandise with beautiful but usually useless wrapping bags for promotion. The decorations will be thrown away at random by people. Secondly, the awareness of recycling is lacking. For instance, the newspapers we have read, which have other advantages, are often being discarded. Besides, fewer manufacturers pay attention to recycle a good many wrapping bags. So the result is that all kinds of rubbish fill in environment.

Thus, some solutions should be provided to attack this urgent situation. Firstly, the government should create related laws that the amount of plastic produced ought to be restricted in a limited scope. It is an efficient way to reduce the growing number of plastic rubbish, which have account for the largest quantity of waste materials. In addition, improving the consciousness of environmental protection is also imperative. When the population form an idea that our living conditions need to be concerned, their behaviors will become friendly to surroundings. This approach can bring people potential benefits.

In conclusion, when we enjoy the advances of our lives, some problems that caused by human activities also appear and should not be neglected. Reducing daily wastes and being friendly to environments are meaningful in improving the quality of our lives.

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