About this meaning of ground

I’ve recently come across this sentence:

" In the middle of a pandemic when grounds are empty. Unless he’s up for a big pay cut. "

My problem is with the meaning of “grounds” there, I’ve never seen people use it that way, and I looked it up on a few web dictionaries and they don’t seem to feature that meaning of grounds. Is it an expression or something? I figure it means something like “wallets” or “pockets”, but I can’t seem to understand why.

Anyone have more information about that use?


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell without further context. It can refer to all kinds of grounds such as play grounds, cricket grounds, coffee maker grounds, etc. I don’t think it refers to pockets or wallets, though.


My bad, I thought it was enough. This is the tweet I read:


So he is talking about the football grounds also known as football stadiums.


Hi Ainspeed,

I agree with Torsten, but I’m sure you’d have better understood the message if you’d read the text again.
You’re a football fan, aren’t you?


Thanks for the replies, Torsten and Masme.

Yeah I’m a football fan, how about you? One of the many, many bad aspects of this pandemic was the lack of games to watch.

When I saw that tweet, money immediately came to mind, so I thought it meant something like wallet (like lacking base, or ground or something). I didn’t know about the use of ground to mean stadium.