About possessive pronouns: In the sight of me vs In the sight of mine

Hello, I want to ask a question about possessive pronouns. Sometimes, in some situations, I have a great difficulty in determining its usage. For example, we say ’ a friend of mine’
not ‘me’. Could you explain in which situations we should use possessive pronouns especially after ‘of’ and could you give me a general rule about it?

For example, “in the sight of me” or “in the sight of mine”?

Thanks a lot.

‘a friend of mine’ = ‘a friend of my friends’. If you find the logic goes well with the phrase according to this equation, then it’s OK; if not you need a reconsideration.

No, Haihao,

“a friend of my friends” = my friends’ friend

“a friend of mine” = my friend

If you google the term “double possessive”, you’ll get a lot of good explanations. Here is one:


Oh I am sorry I missed one more quotation mark. I meant to say: a friend of mine = a friend of my friends’. Anyhow, neither is this a correct explanation here. Please forget about it and see Jamie’s, which is correct.

Thanks a lot for your contribution. I have drawn great benefit.