About me: I'm Mike. My surname is McKillian.

Hi, I’m Mike. My surname is McKillian. I’m from Island. Its capital is Reykjavik. My mother tongue is Icelandic and my second language is English. I’m a computer programmer and my hobbies are talking to people on the Internet and inline skating. I’m married. My wife’s name is Asdis. She is a psychologist. Her favourite expression is «You can do what you believe you can do and you cannot do what you believe you cannot do.»

Hello, My name is Nati. My surname is Varshanidze. I’m from Georgia. its capital is Tbilisi. My mother tongue is Georgian and my second languages are Russian and English. I’m a ticketing operator. My hobbies are driving a car and listening a good music. I’m single. I’m very friendly girl…

hi mike i m tamer elessawy i need you help if you please
i end cource oracle developer but i need to improve my skills because i need to work in this fild please
i wait your totification wjat can i do to improve my skills please i wait your message ok
thank you
tamer elessawy

my e-mail tatoo119@yahoo.com
tatoo119 on skybe

hi everybody, I’m Anh, I’m student, I’m 20 year old. I’m from Viet nam, do you know my contry?
I want u to help me improve my English if u can, u can correct my mistaken.
My hobbies are listening to music and learning English, in the future, i will have test English.It is important for me, can u help me pass this test. thank you very much