About IBT in China

Dear all,
I have a few question.

  1. About writting

All people are donating the independent essay, and I have tried sample test, is the space in blank table just enough for 300 words? is there any “word-counter” on screen? hows the intergrated essay which requires 150-225 words? has “word-counter” too?

2.About speaking test with reading and listerning

Do you really have time to take a note?

Discribing more about lecture/conversation gets more score than describing more about passage and simply show the atituade?

when you speak after listening the lecture or conversation, is reading passage shows up again when you speak?

  1. Saving time
    Can you really save time by skiping the instruction?

  2. is there anyone taking IBT in China has other question before 15th Sept? Lets talk!
    Thank you!

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