Abbreviations: Mister versus Mr., Mrs., Ms


“Mister” is the full form of the abbreviation Mr.

So, what is the full form of the abbreviation Mrs?
what is the full form of the abbreviation Ms?



Mrs is a shortened form of Mistress (slang form Missus/Missis)

Ms is a combination of Mrs and Miss


There is no full form of Ms. It’s pronounced like “miz”. It was created in the 1960s, when feminists wanted it to replace Mrs. and Miss. They said it was unfair that women were addressed according to their marital status and men were not. The abbreviation Ms. was not created from any one real word.

Currently, we generally use Ms. only when we don’t know the marital status of the woman we’re addressing, or when we think she might be a feminist and we are afraid we’ll insult her.

Ms. was actually created in the 1950s as a title before a woman’s surname when her marital status was unknown or irrelevant. In the early 1970s, the use of Ms. was adopted and encouraged by the women’s movement, the reasoning being that since a man’s marital status is not revealed by the title Mr., there is no reason that a woman’s status should be revealed by her title. Since then Ms. has gained increasing currency, especially in business and professional use. I for one did not take my husbands last name and it is proper to use Ms. and etiquette dictates using it when addressing letters, cards and invitations. See … e-envelope

From a different point of view, I dislike being called ‘Ms’ and would not expect anyone I know to address an envelope to me using that title. I agree with Jamie.

The use of “Ms.” increased from the 1970s to the 1980s, but in more recent years it has declined as radical feminism has become less and less popular among women.