A zoo has no useful purpose.

[color=blue]Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose. Use the specific reasons and examples to explain to your answer.

Please evaluate my essay. I really need help from TOEFL point of view.

Have you ever think about it, how you felt physically and emotionally to be in zoo in place of animals. Really I can not even think about that. This is a matter of freedom. No one wants to lose their independence. Then why we are doing that with animals? People have no right to put them in zoo. I would like to support statement that a zoo has no useful purpose.

As we all know technology has been developed in the world. Definitely these technologies can not take place of real thing but it is a good medium to educate our child. The single importance of zoo is that, it provides us on hand experience education. If we want to educate our child about animals, we can do it in another way with the help of technology. We don’t need to depend on zoo. We can create some science center. Through special effects we can create environment same like a zoo. In this way we do not need to put animals in zoo. They will be free to enjoy their own life.

Have you ever visited to a zoo? People may be feels happy there but try to think from animal’s point of view. Try to understand them. They are really helpless. They can not speak but their face tells everything. They will always eager to come out from cage. Have you ever think, why the God gave feather to birds? And you are here wants to put them in cage? Just think the last time when you were limited to a small area for only a few hours like flying on airplane or for long day conference. You would scream if you had to sit there for another day? Now think about having that sensation for entire your life. Animals have boundless enthusiasm and zest for life but in the zoo they die in misery. I think it is like a crime to put animals in zoo.

From what have been discussed above, we could reach on the conclusion that zoo has no useful purpose. If you are really for animal’s freedom then yes, I think we should shut zoos. In my opinion it is cruel to keep animals in a zoo.

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