A word in your ear: Nerve


This is the second one and I hope to write some more soon. This one is about the noun ‘nerve’:

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l’m erold. l’m very glad to read your mail. sincerelly, l appreciate it. but l 'w like to have more about it. thanks.

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I am so happy to read this but I still nedd to your explainition more.

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I don’t have comments but I always like english. I do not want to miss any opprtunity.

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I just want to tell you that I took the TOEIC tests; and I scored 149 PPOINTS for the first one and 159 points for the second; what dou you think of that?

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I nerved myself to add something new, but I couldn’t.
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I think the essay of “Nurve” explained the different meaning of the word in its different situaitions very well and very understandable I hope You to continueu to explaine the special diffeculties of the languege in this way
many thanks

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Thanks for all each email and possibility to learn and improve my English with you. I am happy to received each lesson but recently I am receiving the first few lessons again from the beginning and I already got them. I will appreciate if I could receive next essays or lesson after number 45. Do is that clear enough, I hope so. Also I have to say that what happen it is probably my fault.
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Hi I am always be nerves when i am try to speak and writing any English. But i want to be skilled up in English. Yours sincerely Gulnahar Rana

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Well done for taking the plunge and writing some messages, as you are nervous about it! Now you’ve taken that step, don’t stop. Keep posting, and soon you will be able to think about recording your speech for us!

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I Kind of like the abstracts.I want to understand how transformational grammar analysis is being used.


Nerves this component of the brain activity of the human body sensors help us to function in relation to the environment. Scientific investigations in the field enter into their intimacy, they discover and use them in our interest.

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You seem to have copied a chunk of text, which is incorrectly punctuated so makes no sense. What did you want us to do with it?

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

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It’s quite interesting to learn the subtleties of the English language through your essays. Sometimes, you get nervous when while speaking you lose track of your ideas because of the poorness of your vocabulary. Thanks for helping us improve.


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Hi! I just want to thank you for your last essay about “nerves” it is always so interesting to read you, and each time that I do it, I learn more and more. Things that I try to put in practice with my students or english speaking friends!!! Thanks again!!! I don´t want to loose any of your writings!!!

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