a verbal question of GRE

There seems to be no------ the reading public’s thirst for books about the 1960’s: indeed, the normal level of interest has ------- recently because of a spate of popular television documentaries.
A. quenching … moderated
B. whetting … mushroomed
C. curtailing … warned
D. ignoring … transformed
E. slaking … increased
there is no a conclusive answer about this question: some people choose E but others choose C. Could help me and give your answer with your reasons?

I think E is the best answer because slake is used almost exclusively with thirst. You slake your thirst, but you can’t really slake anything else (except cement, but that is a very technical point).

C would also be incorrect because it says “interest has warned” which doesn’t make sense, instead of “interest has warmed” which would make sense.

thank you very much