A teacher’s ability to relate well with students is more important than excellent

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I disagree with this saying.i see that both go hand on hand.
Einstein said “if you can’t explain it well,u don’t understand it well enough.”
So according to what extent do u know about a topic and your level of accuracy and competency in understanding, and the ability on how you deliver the info. You know. All of these are the main concept of the efficient teacher.

Sometimes the relation with your students play a major role on how you act and interact with them. Especially,in science studies,daily life topics and how flexible your are to accept different opinions and ideas.

So,to understand the topic and to know new techniques and ways to explain it,gives u the encouragement to face questions,arguments,and the fundamental points in the topic.
The teacher who is daily dealing with new students,it shouldn’t be building a basic relation between he and the students to convey his message. It depends on how your are gonna send it.

I remember when I was in the secondary school,I was attending a lecture for English language with a teacher the number of students they come for her every week are up to 1000.

So, it’s a way of knowledge and how to act and interact in delivering what you want.