A sleeve of cookies

Fig Newtons are a popular American cookie (British: “biscuit”).

I have just read this: “I couldn’t have [eat] just one Fig Newton. I had to have the whole d-mn sleeve.”

What in the world did he mean by “sleeve”?

Thank you,


Packet - an Americanism for a long thin outer packet which opens on one end (the inner packaging slides into the outer packaging like an arm into a sleeve when the end is open).

Here’s an example - a package of crackers with four sleeves, plus one more.

Thank you, Beeesneees and Luschen, for the explanation.

I thought that he had eaten all the cookies in the package! Now I see that he had eaten “only” one sleeve.


Hi James,

Don’t dismiss your original idea. Biscuits are sold in single ‘sleeves’ and the speaker probably meant exactly that (the whole packet).

The multipacks as pictured by Luschen are a cheaper alternative when buying in bulk.

Thank you, Beeesneees.