A short story

Jeremy, Dan and Anna are spending their time in an outdoor survival training programme in New Zealand. The first task they have to complete is kayaking at the beach. With Jeremy’s fit body, he is leading in front of Anna and Dan. He jumps up to the pier and shouts loudly,” Hurray! I won!” The instructor who is waiting on the beach gave him a smile for congratulations. However, under the hot sun, Dan, who wears big glasses, and Anna are both exhausted and their whole bodies are sweating. Being out of shape, Anna has less energy to compete with Dan and is lagging behind him.

Next, they have to finish their rock climbing task. Jeremy, who is full of confidence, played the leading role. Dan, who is a caring person, helped Anna, who is shaking because she can’t support herself to climb up. He said,’ give me your hands. I will pull you up.” Anna then replied,” Thanks for your help! I am really weak in sports especially in rock climbing.”

Then, they have to go mountaineering. Jeremy, who is a self-centered person, is far in front of Dan and Anna, who nearly use up all their energy and decide to take a rest on a chair they found.

As they are drinking water to replenish the sweat lost from their bodies, Jeremy is getting further away from them. Anna shouts to him, “Jeremy, come and take a rest. Do not go too far. Or else we can’t find you later if you are lost.”However, he does not listen. Soon, he is out of sight.

As the sky is getting darker and darker, they can’t find out him and are becoming concerned of his whereabouts. Jeremy, who is still on the mountain, surprisingly discovers that he is lost. The wind is blowing fiercely and the moon is covered by clouds. The scene looks like a ghost movie. He, who starts to get nervous, regrets that he did not listen to Anna.

Meanwhile, Dan and Anna continue to finish their mission and shout Jeremy’s name.

Finally, Jeremy hears his name and runs towards the place where the voice is coming from. Fortunately, they soon meet each other. Jeremy says,” In today’s performance, I…” Dan quickly added,” you are the champion in trouble making. Well done!” They all laughed.

Can anyone give comments on the short story? I am sure there must be something to be improved.