a short story

Would any body be kind enough to help me make up a short story using the following wors? The purpose is to memorize all the following words by means of the story.
I find it very hard. Would you help me? Thanks a lot.

forehead n. 额头
beaten track 被踩出来的路;常规;惯例

dive into 迅速把手伸入;一心投入
dynamic adj. 充满活力的;精力充沛的;
set out (to do) 开始(做)
dot n. 点;小圆点
vt. 以小圆点标出;分散
tap vt. 轻打;轻拍;轻敲
wire n. 金属丝;电线
straw n. 稻草;麦秆;饮料吸管

current n. (水或气)流;电流
adj. 现在的;当前的
helicopter n. 直升飞机
triangle n. 三角形;三角形物体

stable adj. 稳固的;稳定的;安定的

associate vt. 联想;联系
practical adj. 实际的;实践的;实用的

refrigerator n. 冰箱
court n. 法庭;法院;朝廷
extension n. 电话分机;扩大;延伸
hang on 不挂断;稍等;紧紧握住
out of order 次序颠倒;发生故障
get through 设法联系上(尤指打通电话);
ring back 回复电话
ring off 挂断电话
version n. 版本;译本
competence n. 能力;胜利;本领

jeep n. 吉普车
personnel n. 人力资源;人事部;全体人员

I 've made up one. Would anybody help me to revise it? thanks.

There is a current virsion about James Dyson,who has the competence in associating different things.
He is a dynamic and practical person, always leaves the beaten track and dives into an unknown place by jeep or helicopter.
One day,he found a house dotted with wires,in which he found a refrigerator with a stable triangle out of order.
He found a telephone extension in the house,so set out to get through to the personnel of court.“I’ll ring back”,after he said this, he rang off and hang on to a straw,tapping his forehead.

would any native American read the above passage for me? thanks.

Hello Vaok,

I’m not a native American, but I am a native English speaker.

I’ve had to guess at the meaning of your report in some places, so what I say may no exactly be what you had in mind:

James Dyson is a visionary man who has the ability to make associations between things in his mind, and to use those associations as a basis for his inventions. He is a dynamic and practical person who is not afraid to leave the beaten track and dive into the unknown. Sometimes he does this literally, travelling by jeep or helicopter.

I’m afraid the next sentence about the house and refridgerator just doesn’t make enough sense for me to be able to correct it.

He found a telephone in the house so rang the … (again this doesn’t make sense) He said, "I’ll ring back’ then rang off and … the part about the straw doesn’t make sense. Were you trying to use the idiom ‘clutching at straws’?

Hehe, a native American is … an indian (an indigenous inhabitant of America before it was colonized by the British and Spanish).
Why would you want indians to check your text? :)))))

Hi Tort,

Their answer would not be worth a sioux. Most of them aren’t apache on English speakers when it comes to reading English.

[size=75]Sorry… I should have provided a ‘bad pun’ warning at the beginning.[/size]

Thank you very much. the sentences about the house ,refrigerator ,telephone and straw maybe very ugly, but my aim is to put these words together using as short a passage as possible to help memorize all the above-mentioned words. Aren’t those sentences right in a way?

Even if they were grammatically correct they aren’t right within the context of a single story… but if the aim was to link a load of random vocabulary, then it seems an unfair task in the first place.

thank you. I mean American.

[color=green]forehead n. beaten track, dive into, dynamic adj. set out (to do), dot n.tap vt.wire n. straw n. current n. adj. helicopter n. triangle n. stable adj.
associate vt. practical adj. refrigerator n. court n. extension n. hang on, out of order, get through, ring back, ring off version n. competence n. jeep n. personnel n.

When I was in the army, I drove jeeps and helicopters carrying personnel to court in the triangle where there was no fighting.
It was a stable, practical job but not dynamic, well within my competence, and I would tap my forehead with boredom each time I set off. One time I was by the refrigerator when I had a message from an associate. I had to ring back and hear the current news, at least the military version of it. When I got through, I heard that they wanted me to dive into danger with my jeep, well off the beaten track. I said yes and rang off, running to my jeep to check every wire and every extension as I didn’t want anything out of order. I set out at noon on the dot, driving through the fields of straw on my mission. I didn’t know if I would be coming back.

Not perfect, but it’s tough thinking of a good story to use them all… hope there are some ideas here though.

from thredder,
A.K.A Makkapitew Tooantuh
(my native American name (apparently), it means: Large Toothed Spring Frog)

thank you very much indeed. you are so kind. hope we can be friends.

[color=red]Would you(or anybody else) mind reading it for me?

Wow, Ms Beeesneees, what a totally gorgeous accent you have!

(for some strange and completely random reason I imagined you as a slight brummie, is that very bad of me?)

LOL! A Brummie would probably be offended at the thought that I might be mistaken for one!

well I know that now! - this was the first time I ever heard you speak :wink:

I bet you say that to all us shy, retiring girls.

sorry I’m late. I can’t thank you enough.