a serious&strict teacher is more effective than a teacher with humor

Do you agree or disagree a serious and strict teacher is more effective than a teacher with humor and is easygoing.

We are always trying to find the most effect way to educate children. The serious and strict teachers think that only high standard can bring high quality because the children are too young to know how to control themselves. They can’t understand the importance of following the teachers’ advice which can make them more powerful and valuable to the society. Serious and strict teaching is the only way of success education. Meanwhile, in fact, I don’t think so.

From my own experience, I think teacher with humor and is easygoing will be more popular and success in teaching child. Only those teachers can become children’s friends who can easily communicate with children and then influence children without hard push.

We watched a lot of films about the relationship between teachers and students. For example, “Three idiots”, which I just watched a few days ago, describes what strict and serious teachers bring to their students: pressure, desperation and suicide. Students can’t chase their own dreams, make fun during studying but only to follow the strict principle and prepare for the cold exams. No teacher understands them. Teachers and students can’t have an equal dialogue. The score is the only definition and standard for the students. Such way of education can destroy the whole life of their students.

But humor and easygoing teachers are different. My Chinese chess teacher is really easygoing and all the students like talking to him as friends. He knew our difficulties such as can’t get focus more than 2 hours, feel what we feel after we lose in the competitions. He told us that he can understand and respect our own choice if we want to give up or will help us to regain the passion if we’d like to. He taught us what is choice and smile to life whatever happened.

Humor and easygoing teachers can give you sunshine in life and bring you a lot of passion which make you feel life is a gift which we must treasure it forever.

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Thank you very much, Kitos.