A restaurant review

The “Shakespeare’s Head” is definitely the best English pub I’ve ever eaten at.
It’s set in a nice area of London, near Camden Town, neither too quiet nor noisy.
I found the place very comfortable, roomy and airy but, most important thing, the food was delicious and clearly fresh.
Since I went there together with three other friends, we managed to sample different dishes.
All of them had been tasty and so filling that each of us could only eat a main course and a dessert.
If I had to give you an advice on what to order, I’ll suggest you eating the meat pies. They’re what I liked best.
Also, the beer was pretty good, and the service quick and precise. The waiters were, moreover, really kind.
Unfortunately the kitchen closes very early, at 8:30 pm.
It’s truly worthy, but a bit difficult to reach by means of transport. I would therefore especially recommend it to everyone who lives or is staying nearby.

Thanks in anticipation to every “helper”

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