A request for mr. torsten

Dear friend, I wish I have the knowledge of the language to be able to enlight you on what my duties are. I’m afraid is too complex for me to explain them thoroughly.

I’ll try it some time in the near future when I have increased my vocabulary, and that my friend is for sure.

Changing this subject I was about to ask you a little favor.

A few days ago I read the conversation you held with “what’s his name?.” well it was about his wife not being able to pass the toefl. He wrote a wonderful piece that I wished I had recorded it.
Do you think It might be possible for you to get it back on the forum for me?

Hi Richard,

Your English is absolutely sufficient to express your thoughts and ideas clearly. As far as your job is concerned, it’s OK if you tell us how many people are there on your team and what kind of qualification they have. We can talk about those things step by step, no need to compose an essay :slight_smile:
Yes, I remember the American who asked how he can help his wife prepare for the TOEFL. His name is Kenya (at least, that’s his nickname) and he is from Colorado.
Here is the conversation we had with him:


TOEIC short conversations: Rescheduling a presentation because of a heavy workload[YSaerTTEW443543]

thanks once more… :idea: :lol: