A quick idea about the paragraph

I have an essay writing exam the next Saturday and I am still not very good in writing the beginning and the end of the essay… I also feel that I might don’t know what to say in the paragraph…

I am not bad or weak in English, I am excellent in Grammar so I can write sentences normally and that’s the reason I will work as a teacher in the future after I graduate if the god wanted.

But when it comes to write an essay about something, I don’t know why I feel like I am bad in English because I don’t know what to mention in the paragraph.

Do you know what the problem I might have?

Hi BlackCitadel,

The problem might be the “subject” for your essay. Even am also encountering the same problem as and when i start to write about something. All we need to do is to be very clear with the subject to which we are . we all might have come across various sort of plays, stories, novels but only few had created an impression in our minds. This is because of the way the started the essay.

Once we tune our mind to walk on creativity am sure we can give a very good start for essay.

Apologies if i had made any mistakes on the this pls.

Pls do share your view on this.


Thank you very much for the reply Parthii!!!