A question on conditionals

Is this a correct statement?

If I had updated the document, you would find it in the list.

Here I am talking with a colleague(present) while searching for a document in the list, which I was supposed to update(past). I want to tell him that if I updated the document(in the past), he can find it in the list now(present).


According to a book of English I have,it’s correct.

Yes, no problem. It’s a mixed-conditional.

Same form as the ESL famous:

If I had won the lottery, I would be rich.

Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for the replies. However, what does that sentence mean? Does it mean that he didn’t find it(in present) because I have not updated the document in the past? If so, I think I can use this sentence only after his search has finished…am I right?

Would it be correct if I say(while his search is still going on)…

If I had updated the document, you will find it.

Please clarify me…


I didn’t update the document in the past, but if I had updated it, you would now find it in the list.

Hi Nene

If you believe that you have already updated the document, and your colleague is currently looking for it in a list, you can say this, for example:

  • If I updated the document, you will find it in the list.

Another way of looking at that sentence would be this:

  • If my belief is true, you will find the updated document in the list.
    (my belief = I updated the document)

Using “If I had updated the document” means that you know/believe that you did not update it.

Thanks a ton guys…thanks for all the clarifications