A question:How can I check all the excellent essays posted on the forum?

Hi I’ve got a question. How can I check all the excellent essays posted on the forum? Do we have any quick access? Thx.

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Hi beeesneees thanks for your reply. But what I want to see is actually essay that is scored higher than 4.5. And by clicking into the link you provide I see all essays posted both unedited ones and edited ones of all range of scoring.

Yes, I agree that it is difficult - I suppose that is somewhat my fault, but the search function is not perfect. One thing I do want to make clear is that I am in no way an official TOEFL grader. I have researched the TOEFL guidelines and read numerous benchmark essays, but just because I think an essay would rate a 5 does not mean it would rate a 5 on the actual test.

Still, I can see that you would want to see what an excellent essay (in my opinion) looks like. A year or so ago I did post a short list of 5 out of 5 essays, but I am not sure I can find it - I will try :slight_smile: Maybe what I need to do from now on is to include a short phrase in my comments on a particularly good essay. Maybe I will “this is a gold star essay” - and then you can search for “gold star essay” and all the excellent ones will come up.

  • edited - I can’t figure out how to search for a particular string of words, so I think I will use super-duper. This word should be rare enough to give few false hits.

Hi, if I could figure out a way to search for the string “5 out of 5” it would be easy to find the excellent essays. Maybe Torsten can help. I searched for excellent AND essay AND 5 and I was able to come up with this list of some great essays:

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#544548

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#543035

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#541038

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#537001

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#536621

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#534756

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#532641

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#527699

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#527416

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#509809

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#508032

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#488834

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#487027

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#486802

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#452521

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#439292

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#438112

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#421008

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#417015

Thank you soooooo much!:)