a question about listening section

in the 30rth listening related to discussions,why the answer of 5th question is A not C?

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a bookstore sales clerk and a student

Please provide a direct link to the test Morvarid. It is at best difficult, and often impossible, to know exactly which question and test you are talking about without a link.

Ok, here you are. english-test.net/toefl/liste … e_car.html
thank very much you for your help.


That is quite a tricky one and you have to consider the last line really carefully.

The last line of the conversation:
“Well, we’d better stop socializing. Here comes the Prof.
indicates that the entire conversation takes place in the classroom prior to the start of a lesson. As they are already in class and awaiting the arrival of their teacher, the next thing they do won’t be to go to class (they’ve already done that). From their conversation you can tell that the papers/assignments are due in, so it is likely that they will not give them to the professor.

thank you very much for your pretty good description.